Website Makeover
Website Makeover

Website Makeover

Website Makeover
Website Makeover
What is your design experience?
I have over 30 years as a top producer and income earner in two high ticket to-tier programs that I also helped write the compensation plans for.

I have always designed my own websites. My experience comes from many years of being a leader in the industry, paying attention to design trends and frankly following my gut instincts. These things have always served me well.

There are lots of designers out there that do good work. However, I am uniquely qualified to also have a very strong background in sales and marketing which enables me to better serve my design clients in terms of conversion. In other words I can build your site so that it not only looks great, but it will also convert!

How long will it take to complete?
It depends on the size and scope of your project. I will work as quickly as I can to complete your project without sacrificing quality.
How much will it cost?
It depends on the size and scope of your project. I will be able to give you a quote once I know what you need. Contact me to discuss it. I’ll take good care of you.
Do you subcontract design projects?
NO! I do all of the design myself. I will be the only one working on your project from start to finish.

Website Makeover

Are you happy with your current website? Does your website make you confident that you are presenting your offer in the best way possible to ensure the highest conversions? If you said no, I can help.

If your website is tired, boring, stale, outdated, unresponsive etc. it’s time for a website makeover!

When people visit your website you only have one short opportunity to explain why your products or services are their best choice and why they should trust you. Don’t blow it!

Here’s a short checklist of some of the reasons why you need a website makeover:

1. Unresponsive Design

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, you are losing most of your website traffic as soon as your site loads. And that is if you even have any decent Google ranking. Google favors sites that are optimized for mobile traffic in their search engine rankings. I can make your site look awesome on all devices!

2. Boring Layout

If your website is an outdated, boring, stale design that lacks energy, you need a website makover! I can take your existing content and repackage it, giving you a brand new, up to date, responsive website that commands attention and converts well.

3. Poor Website Copy

If your website isn’t converting, it may be that your sales letter needs work. Copyrighting is very important to the success of your website in terms of conversion. I can rewrite your copy to give it more impact.

4. Slow Loading Time

If your site is taking too long to load it is costing you search engine ranking and money from lost sales. Google favors websites that load quickly in their search engine rankings. I can make your website load faster!

5. Poor Graphics

Choosing the right images can give your website a huge boost. They can instantly create a mood, an energy, and they can keep visitors on your website longer. I can find just the right images to give your website a fresh, bold new look that captivates and commands attention!

 6. No Video

Studies show that websites containing video increased visitor engagement by as much as 74%. This should be all you need to know to embrace the fact that you need to have video on your site. I can create custom video for your website that increases engagement and gives your site lots of energy!

7. No SEO

If your website isn’t delivering fresh organic traffic daily, you are losing sales! I can get your website indexed and ranked by the major search engines.

8. Lack of Optimization

If you aren’t running A/B split testing on your website, you need a website makeover! Every site I build includes website optimization built in. This is how you can easily tell which variables of your site are working and which aren’t so that you can improve upon them.

If your visitors are leaving your site too quickly it means they are being turned off by what they see. It’s just that simple.  In today’s web design arena there are certain trends and looks that are most appealing.

The purpose of your website is to make a strong impression and to convert visitors into loyal customers. A poorly designed site with outdated content makes a bad impression causing the very same people to leave who otherwise could have been a customer, but instead they will go to your competitor and that person (if they have a well designed website) will get your lost sale. How does this make you feel?

What you need is a well designed website that is mobile responsive and up top date with the latest design trends. It needs to have persuasive content that builds trust and encourages your visitors to take ACTION!

First impressions count. The impact of the first impression determines the length of the first visit.

Always remember that if you refuse to implement the things that are needed to ensure your website is on point, there is someone somewhere who will. And that person will get your sales. Call me today to get a website makeover and discover the difference.

Website Makeover


I'm often asked by clients if there's a way they can show their appreciation to me for always being available to help empower them for real success. For those who wish to show me some love, here's a link to my Amazon wishlist. Thanks and know that every kind act is greatly appreciated and never forgotten.


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