If you’re looking for high-quality voice overs for ads, movies, videos, audio books, video games, commercials, e-learning presentations, voice broadcasting, and more, you’re in the right spot! Before you overpay for voice overs check out what I can do for you. I believe you will appreciate the value you receive.

Why Use Voice Overs?

 The spoken word can have an incredible affect on your…


If your website only contains text and images, you’re going to quickly lose most of your audience within seconds. Audio can make your website come to life. Audio commands attention and holds it. The longer someone spends on your site the more likely they are to purchase.

Voice Broadcasting

I used to call 30,000 to 50,000 people per day, six days per week. I know what works! The right voice over is crucial to your success with voice broadcasting.


Most people simply won’t spend enough time on your site to properly understand your offer… unless you present it to them in a way that teases, inspires, motivates and commands their atention. And most of all gets them to take ACTION! This is where voice overs really shine.

Audio Books & CDs

With my voice overs service you can focus on what you love which is writing and creating. Send me your finished work and I will transform it into a nice audio suitable for an audio book or CD.

Script OR No Script

I can use your written script or write one for you. Connect with me to discuss your project.

Voice Overs Rates

I’ve found that my rates for voice overs are less than half of what most companies charge. With me you get the same professional quality without the BIG price!

How much IMPACT can audio really have?

The incredible power of audio is something every marketer should be using. The combined use of audio and a well written script can take your sales to the ultimate level.

I created an 80 minute audio CD containing 28 of my most effective audio marketing campaigns. I demonstrate how to use emotion to explode sales! If you would like a copy just connect with me for more info.

Voice Overs

I can do more than just a simple voice over...

by Britt Phillips

Having fun with some of my favorite tunes. Audio is impactful and stirs the emotions.

by Britt Phillips

What makes you different than other Voice Over providers?
1. I charge less than HALF than most others who offer Voice Over services. But that doesn’t mean I skimp on quality. You wtill still receive a professional recording that sounds great.

2. I will record your Voice Over with genuine authenticity. Most Voice Over providers will deliver something that sounds like the person who read your script was either auditioning for a broadway musical, trying to sell you a used car, or reading it as if they are simply reading it void of any emotion.

3. I have over 30 years experience in sales and marketing. You will be very hardpressed to find anyone working for any of the Voice Over agencies that can provide you with anything other than what they call a “voice actor”. They believe they can just “wing it”. I know where to emphasize, how to use voice inflection, emotion and connect the dots to deliver a Voice Over that will not only sound good, but actually produce results.

Can I have music added to my Voice Over?
Yes! I have a professional library of literally tens of thousands of audio clips to choose from. I’ll find just the right one to help sell your Voice Over. Just let me know when we connect that you would like music.
Can I hire you to give me a testimonial?
The best way to approach this is for me to give you a recorded review of your product, program, service etc. I’m happy to provide the review for FREE. This way I can honestly state that I have not been paid to give you a testimonial. This will have more impact for you and it’s the ethical way to approach it.
Will you endorse my offer?
I will provide a custom Voice Over for your offer as a spokesperson. I cannot state my name and that I endorse your offer. That would be a paid endorsement.
How will you send the completed Voice Over to me?
I will send you the completed Voice Over .mp3 file via Drop Box service which is free and will take you just a couple simple clicks to download the file to your computer.
What forms of payment do you accept?
I will send you an invoice via PayPal or you can make a direct deposit and receive a discounted price.

The Voice Over Difference

At the end of the day it doesn’t matter how big my recording studio is, or how fancy or expensive my audio voice over recording equipment is. What really matters is the quality of the custom voice over recording itself and that you got it for a good price.

I’ve spoken with several large voice over companies and they have shared with me they actually use the same software I do. Imagine that! So, you can pay their BIG fees or you can pay my fair prices and still end up with a professional sounding custom voice over. It’s your choice.

For over 30 years I’ve been doing custom voice over work for clients in every niche you can imagine. People tell me there’s just something about my voice. They find it soothing and they say my pitch, inflection, and delivery gets the job done.

Question… if the listener can’t tell the difference between a “professional voice over actor.” and me, why should you over pay for the voice over when you don’t need to?

Another thing I’m often told is that my voice and delivery sound real and not put on or over sold. Unfortunately with many of the voice overs you hear this isn’t the case. They are over the top and come across as insincere. They sound like they are simply reading a script they were paid to read. That’s not what you want. That won’t produce your desired result. Instead it will have the opposite effect. It will actually drive potential customers away from your product, service, event etc.

Another benefit of working with me for your custom voice overs is that I’m a marketer. I understand marketing and sales. I understand the power of emotion and how to use it to tease, inspire, and motivate people to take real decisive action!

I’m blessed to be one of the all-time top income earners and producers in two top tier, high ticket programs. I also helped write the compensation plan for each. In addition, I’ve authored almost 200 training CDs and DVDs that focus in the areas of advertising, sales, marketing, personal development, business strategies, and more! I do all of my own audio and video production. I wouldn’t trust it to anyone else.

When I agree to take on your project, you can rest assured that I will treat it as if it were my own. I will approach it with the same desired perfection and show it the same amount of love as I do my own stuff. I will make sure it’s done right and that you are happy with it. After all, they say when you love what you’re doing, it shows in your work. You will love your results when you hire me to do your voice overs. I will make sure of it.

Connect with me today and let’s create something for your next project.




Voice Overs

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