Your presentation is the determining difference between closing the deal and losing the sale.

It’s not how you see it that resonates with people. It’s how they see it. How they see it determines whether or not you close the deal. There are time-tested, proven persuasion strategies you can use to dramatically increase your closing ratio every time.

Watch this important video for a deeper understanding of how your prospects and potential clients see your presentation, and what they perceive when they do.


This is why how you present your offer really matters to your success.


Hover over each image and ask yourself who you would rather be seen as…

The supersalesman is also a supershowman!

*David Copperfield Net Worth $1.2 Billion.


Three phase approach to help empower you to do better presentations.


Phase one is your best presentation. It is limited to 20 minutes. This is where you present your offer either by voice only, and/or in my private one-on-one meeting room where you can share your screen and use whatever visual aids you would like by sharing your screen. This is your opportunity to show what you use and how you use it when presenting.


Phase two is 20 minutes of role-playing where we engage with each other in a presenter/prospect scenario. During this time I will be taking notes on how you respond to relevant questions. I will note any concerns and areas where I see room for improvement. This will help you better prepare for future presentations and boost your confidence.


Phase three is a 20 minute critique. I will critique your overall presentation including everything you presented, how you presented it, and give you tips, techniques, strategies, and suggestions on how to make your overall presentation better. During this time you will discover why you are losing sales and how you can easily fix any discovered issues.


At 12 years old I went to the dime store with my mom on the weekend and bought a bag of bubble gum. I sold it for .25 a piece at school. I sold notebook paper and pencils out of a briefcase. That’s where I discovered my entrepreneurial spirit. I grew up with a strong desire to succeed and I did. I became a millionaire because I simply refused to give up on my dreams. I am still dreaming and I won’t ever stop! It takes a leader with vision to help people discover their dreams. I am uniquely qualified to help you discover yours.


  • Sales / Closing 99% 99%
  • Marketing / Advertising 96% 96%
  • Product Creation 97% 97%
  • SEO 94% 94%
  • Branding 98% 98%
  • Web Design / Development 97% 97%
  • Ad Copy 98% 98%
  • Sales Funnels 98% 98%
  • Business Strategies 94% 94%
  • Direct Sales 98% 98%
  • Marketing Systems / Platforms 91% 91%
  • Team Building / Training 99% 99%
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These are some of the brands I’ve helped develop.


This FAQ covers common questions about my Presentation Critique.
How do I know if this is for me?

If you are not closing multiple sales daily with consistency this is for you. If you are closing sales but the frequency and/or amount of profits isn’t what you desire this is for you. If you are not sure whether or not your current presentation is good this is for you.

What is your background?

I’m blessed to be one of the all time top producers and income earners in the history of two top tier high-ticket programs I helped write the compensation plan for. I have authored over 200 training CDs and DVDs. I’ve made and sold millions with products, programs, services, and opportunities. I helped develop several well known marketing tools and platforms. One of my passions is web design / development. I have many active websites. I build all my own sites and have built thousands of sites for clients. I am uniquely qualified to help you realize your dreams. I offer a rare combination of skillset and experience from which I draw upon to serve my clients well.

How much does your critique cost?

Clearly the value of this service would easily allow a price much higher than I charge. However, I priced it at just $100 to ensure it was affordable to everyone no matter their level of advancement.

Why is there a 20 minute limit per presentation?

Two reasons. If you’re currently spending more than 20 minutes to do a presentation you are allowing people to steal your day away. Any longer than 20 minutes most likely means your presentation needs work. The other reason is the three phases collectively total one hour and I needed to keep things manageable to allow more people to book a critique.

How do you conduct the critique session?

After you have purchased, I will contact you to schedule a time for your critique. I will send you a link to join me in my private online meeting room. In there you will be able to share your screen so I can view anything you wish to use as part of your normal presentation. It will also allow me to show you things as well.

How long will the session last?

The critique session consists of three 20 minute phases for a total of one hour.

Can I hire you to review video presentations?

Yes. The video can be up to one hour in length. Note: If your video presentation is longer than 20 minutes, the critique price will be adjusted accordingly to allow extra time for the second and third phase of the critique.

What happens if I need stuff to fix my presentation?

I can handle everything you may need. I’m well versed and uniquely experienced in all related areas that may be required. You’re in good hands.

Is this the same as a Sales Funnel Review?

No. A Presentation Critique is focused on your presentation itself while a Sales Funnel Review is focused on everything that comprises your complete sales funnel. A Sales Funnel review is much more of a deeper dive into each of the elements within your sales funnel as well as what is really needed, etc.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds. If you do not understand this refund policy or have any questions, please ask them before purchasing. Once you receive the requested invoice you should carefully read the Terms and Conditions to make sure you fully understand and agree with them. Your payment of the invoice is your agreement and acceptance that the sale is final.

Britt, why are you doing this?

I believe everything we put out there always comes back to us. Karma is very real. I made a promise and a commitment to myself and others that when I made it I would give back to help empower others to be able to realize their dreams.

Britt Phillips Custom Web Design | Web Designer | Divi Theme

Charylle / Networker

To anyone out there who is serious about making their business profitable, I highly recommend working with Britt. If you’ve spent any time or effort looking for expertise as well as integrity, you know how hard it is to find. And it is extremely rare to find everything you need in one person versus having to find and hire multiple people who each do different things which ends up costing10X more.

Britt has a unique flair for the art of the offer and what it takes to achieve high conversions. He has the ability to organize complex projects in a way that made it very easy for me to understand, follow, and share creative ideas. He’s well versed in content monetization and helped me come up with multiple ways to monetize content that I had not thought about.

Britt, you are the highest professional and I truly appreciate the time, dedication and talent you brought to this project. I know I will be thanking you for years to come. I look forward to working on other projects as they arise. God Bless you and I wish you the very best in everything you do.”

client feedback
Happy clients abound. You’re in good hands with my Presentation Critique.

Sergio / Sales

Britt did a phenomenal job building my custom site for my online business. He was always there to answer any questions or concerns and very professional. He made my website look like a work of Art. He has the ability to put together information, pictures and videos to make clients (after they review your site) want to do business with you. I am 100% satisfied with new website. I got way more than I expected. Thanks Britt my website truly looks AWESOME!

Chuck / Marketer

“Britt built me a great website. I am highly pleased with how everything turned out. It’s even better than I had imagined it would be. If you are in the market for a website, do not hesitate to give Britt a call.

Nate / Entrepreneur

To say my website looks AWESOME is an understatement! Britt came up with a creative design that greatly exceeded my expectations! He took the concept well beyond anything I could have imagined and he absolutely nailed it! Britt knows his stuff and it certainly shows. I am very pleased with everything. Britt was a real pro, and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I would certainly recommend his web design services! Hire Britt if you want it done right.

Carter / Entrepreneur

“Britt built me an incredible website! His attention to detail and going the extra mile is something that is very rare these days. Call Britt if you need a website. He’s your guy.”

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