Onboarding Sales Funnel Review

These are the things you should do to significantly improve your Sales Funnel.

First, let’s take a look at Sales Funnel basics. Then, we will take a look at what you are currently using.


The simple answer is everything from the initial exposure to your offer or you… to the close of the sale. Everything in between those points is your actual sales funnel.


Your goal is to get as many prospects as possible to repeatedly take action through a series of doors which ultimately lead to the sale.


The reason many Sales Funnels aren’t performing well is because there are multiple closed doors between the initial exposure to the offer and the sale. What can be closing doors?

Sales Funnels

Ever heard of the A. I. D. A formula?

The AIDA model was developed in the late 19th century by advertising and sales pioneer Elias St. Elmo Lewis. And, it has become the backbone of almost every successful advertising and marketing campaign since.

Why is it so successful?

AIDA takes potential customers through the emotional journey of making a purchase — guiding the buying decision from initial attraction to taking action.

Sometimes referred to as “AWARENESS,” the first stage of the sales funnel is where YOU catch the eye of new PROSPECTS via marketing content and / or a valuable baseline (INITIAL) offer.

Here, YOU will begin to forge a deeper relationship with YOUR prospects, becoming more actively involved in learning about their goals and / or problems. In doing so, you can begin providing preliminary solutions, allowing them to experience “quick wins” — and become more engaged.

PROSPECTS / CONSUMERS who reach this third stage have become convinced that they do, in fact, have a larger problem that needs solving. Moreover, they’re coming around to the idea of making a purchase to solve said problem. At this point, YOU showcase how YOUR premium offering can be of service.

The final stage of the sales funnel has prospects deciding to purchase (or not purchase) YOUR premium product or service. You’ll need to reinforce the value of your offer — as well as the downsides of not making a purchase.

The magnet on the left side of this image is attracting prospects, which happens in a variety of ways. However you get them there, it is imperative that once they are there you have a properly constructed sales funnel to guide them through to becoming a customer. Sales funnels can be constructed in different ways depending upon your goals.

Sales Funnels
Stage 1: Awareness
Prospects enter sales funnels through a variety of ways such as email newsletters, voice broadcasting, organic SEO and more, they enter because of an enticing offer.

Stage 2: Interest
Prospects become interested in your offer through an email sequence referred to as an autoresponder campaign. This is how prospects get to know you and how you can help them get where you are through your offer which solves a problem.

Stage 3: Decision
Obviuously this is a critcal stage in all sales funnels. You must give prospects enough valid information from which they can make an informed decision to purchase.

Stage 4: Action
The last stage of all sales funnels is the desired action you want prospects to take. Usually this is to purchase. This is how the smartest marketers in the world scale their offers.

You may be tempted to seek out some type of automated sales funnels software. You will quickly discover that you are locked into a large monthly fee and the customer service and support after the sale isn’t there. And of course the biggest drawback is the automated sales funnels model is built upon the concept of continuity marketing which means you are pitched an endless stream of offers which can become annoying rather quickly. Another issue is you don’t want to help build someone else’s brand. You want to build your own. And of course the automated route means templated sales funnels that all pretty much look the same. Google hates this and so do many potential prospects. I will show you how to achieve more results for less money.

Every smart marketer will tell you there is a psychological process that takes place and is directly responsible for prospects who turn into buyers. However this doesn’t typically just happen on the fly in the first exposure to your offer. It can, and if your copy is really good, often you will get the sale straight away. But you never want to lose any sale if you can help it. That’s where the sales funnels are key. I like to refer to them as remote control sales agents working 24/7, non-stop. They never call in sick and they never ask for a raise. When set up correctly they do their job amazingly well and you can get paid a lot of money as a direct result.


What kind of ads are you running?
Where are you running them?
What is currently working the best?
Who wrote your ad copy?
I can help you with ad copy.


What kind of traffic are you getting?
How much traffic are you getting?
What is currently working the best?
I can help you with traffic.



What is your Social Media footprint?
Which platforms are you leveraging?
You should be on YouTube for sure!

“If you build it they will come.” only works in Hollywood.

The reality is they might come… but they won’t buy anything unless it’s built correctly. The better it’s built, the more money you will make from it. Shortcuts cost you many times over in lost revenue.


What is your domain name?
Do you own variations / plural / singular of it?
Does it pass the cross town test?
Does it contain keyword(s) / phrase(s).
* Million dollar domain name.


Do you have a landing page?
On a scale of 1 to 10 how well is it producing?
Are you collecting emails?
How many subscribe daily?
How long is your autoresponder campaign?
Who wrote it and is it using the A.I.D.A. formula?
Is it using persuasive subliminal imagery?
Which autoresponder company do you use?



How happy are you on a scale of 1 to 10 with your website?
Are you currently using a self replicated website?
How many sales are you closing daily?
Are you talking with people to close sales or is it automated?

How confident are you when you give your website to someone to check out that there is a high likelihood they will convert into a sale?


How many ways do you give people to buy from you?
How many of them are guaranteed?
Do you have a clearly stated refund policy?
Are you protected against chargebacks?
I can help you with a well constructed check out page.



Do you have a thanks for your order / sign up page?
Do you have a thanks for subscribing page?
Are you fully utilizing it?
Does it link to similar offers / upsells?
I can help you with well constructed thank you pages.


404 PAGE

Do you have a 404 page?
Are you fully utilizing it?
You are losing traffic and sales without a 404 page.
I can help you with a well constructed 404 page.

Are you making the same common mistakes 97% of website owners are making every day that is costing them money?


Are you currently split testing headlines?
Are you currently split testing landing pages?
Are you currently split testing CTA elements?
Are you currently split testing ads?
How do you currently track your ads?
I can help you with split testing.



Do you currently have exit pop ups?
Do they contain video?
Do they contain an opt-in form?
I can help you with exit pop ups.



Do you have a privacy policy?
Do you have an income disclaimer?
Do you have a refund policy?
Do you have a terms of service policy?
I can help you with these policy pages.

Do you know the best way to dramatically increase email list opt-ins?


Do you have an effective About Me page on your website?
An About Me page helps prospects to know like and trust you. It is an essential tool to help you presell them.
I can help you with an About Me page.



Do you currently have an effective voicemail greeting?
Are you saying ‘please’  or ‘sorry’ in your greeting? Why?
Does your greeting sound generic and rushed?
Do people compliment you on your greeting? How often?
I can help you with a well written, well delivered greeting.



Does your website currently have video?
Video increases viewer engagement by 90%!
I can help you with responsive engaging video.

Sometimes things that seem like small details are often a big deal in terms of effectiveness.


Are you doing any phone marketing?
Where are you getting your leads?
I can help you with leads.
I can help you with proper scripts.



Do you currently have any page in place to salvage potential lost sales due to unanswered questions, objections, etc.?
I can help you with a well constructed Undecided page that converts potentially lost sales in to buyers.



Are there any Federal Trade Commission red flag issues on your site that could cause legal trouble for you?
I can help you with this.

Are you leveraging proven buyers to share your offer with?


How do you currently attract new prospects?
Do you offer a free book (Just pay shipping model), free video content, email training series… something of perceived value a person is willing to give their email to receive?
I can help you come up with a good attraction offer.
*Don Lapre $39.95 loss leader to get high ticket back-end.



Are you currently utilizing any scarcity marketing strategies?
Are you using a countdown timer, limited time offer, etc.
I can help you with a good scarcity offer.



How many good testimonials do you currently have?
How many of them are video? How many are audio?
How many testimonials with text and a good photo?
I can help you get great testimonials on auto pilot.

A responsive email list is like having your own ATM machine that spits out money on demand.


Have you researched what your best competitors are doing and made any need changes to test with your offer? Have you opted in to their lists to see what and how they are doing things? Are you watching them closely to see how they do social media, offers, closing strategies, site design, email offers, etc.



Are you buying from your competitors or at least making them think you are considering it in order to see what their sales process is like?

What specific value or benefit is being provided by a given offer? What action do you have to take to receive the offer?
What strategies do they use to keep you moving forward?
How does each subsequent offer relate to the previous and next stage?



Do you offer any upsell offer to increase the value of each sale?


Do you have any plan b offers if the prospect does not buy?
Example: Leads / CRM / Smaller ticket offers.
I can help you with plan b offers.



Are you offering anything of similar interest to make more money? If not, you certainly should be. You are leaving tons of money on the table. And very easy money at that.
I can help you with back-end offers.



Who is your ideal prospect / customer? Who do they trust?
What do they want out of your product / service?
What are they trying to escape from or find a solution to?
Why do they want it? What are their deep emotional needs?
What is their pain? Why is the cost less than the benefit?
How can your images, words, CTA bring it to life for them?

Remember: Your PROSPECTS don’t want to be sold to; they want to receive value.

And they don’t want to put all that much effort into solving their problem either; they want you to make it easy for them.


What kind of guarantee do you offer?
To minimize the risk in the mind of your prospects / customers you can use the risk-reversal strategy. You explain to them that it is you who will be taking a risk by doing business with them. The idea is to make your potential prospects / customers feel like they have no reason not to take advantage of your offer.



Do you have a team training website?
Is it mentioned in your sales copy, email campaign, etc.?
I can help you with an excellent team training page to help properly position you as the team builder and leader.



How are your closing skills on a 1 to 10 scale?
I have some titles that will help you greatly.

Whether you’re offering money-back guarantees, double-your-money-back guarantees, or any other kind of risk-free assurance, you’ll inherently bring your prospects to trust you / your brand in two key ways …

First, they simply have nothing (or very little) to lose, and a ton of value to gain. Second, confidence in your ability to follow through with your promise will shine — building trust when it matters most.

You can’t always (or don’t want to) offer a money back guarantee. There are alternative conditional type guarantees you can offer…

1 – “I will work with you until you have at least earned back every penny, that way you are not out one penny and you will have gleaned a lot of valuable knowledge with which to apply in as many other things in the future as you like.”

2 – Conditional – “If after you have done x for x amount of time… If you haven’t generated at least x sales… I will refund 100% of your purchase price.” Of course you want to make your offer very clear and define it in such a way that you know they will make money if they will do x. This serves you and them because it makes them feel more at ease. It serves you because if they are lazy and do nothing then you are off the hook for the refund!


What kind of system do you currently have in place to organize your business and follow up properly?
I helped develop the best CRM in the business.
I will help you use it to take control of your business.



1. Way overpriced for what you get at $199 / $299 MONTHLY!
2. They own your data!
3. Limited by templates.
4. Templates + Merchant Account
5. Glorified drag and drop website builder.
6. Everything is hosted on their servers and pointing to their domain which helps them but not you. YOU should be getting brand benefit NOT them.
7. Their software doesn’t cover everything that is part of a sales funnel. They only cover layout, upsell, downsell… a bunch of OTO’s (one time offers) which even the owner admits offends people.


The two biggest reasons people fail to make money online…

1. They are not organized.

2. They don’t follow up properly.

Dial smarter is the missing element in most sales funnels because most people do not understand how powerful it is and how much it can save them time and enable them to make more money. There is more to a sales funnel than the actual funnel itself. It’s everything from the initial exposure to your ad till the time the person sends you money. And then it extends beyond that time into the backend offers, training etc.

There are two main Sales Funnel flows…

All it takes is one closed door to lose tons of sales and money. If you refuse to take the time to make sure these things are on point you simply won’t ever scratch the surface of what you could have done and the accompanying lifestyle you could have enjoyed. The successful are the ones who invest in these things, themselves, and their future.













The top two reasons people fail to have real success online are they aren’t organized and they don’t follow up properly. This phenomenal tool solves both issues and makes you look like a superstar at the same time.

Let’s go through your process…

What is your first point of contact? Is it an ad? What does it say? What is your CTA? Do they call you or visit your website?

When they visit your site where do they go? What is your website address? Do you have more than one offer?

Do you try to close the sale LIVE before they go to your site?

How do you put them on your site? Tell me what you say. Let’s role-play it.

How do you follow up with them? Do you manually dial them or use a CRM?

Sales Funnels can be as simple or as complex as you want depending on your strategies and goals.


The supersalesman is also a supershowman!

*David Copperfield Net Worth $1.2 Billion.

OK, let’s take a look at your funnel!

Everything we have talked about is incredibly important, but by itself, it’s only 10% of the success equation. Here’s the other 90%…

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