Link Tree Page Setup Onboarding

These are the things we need to do to complete your Link Tree page.


Your custom Link Tree page can have up to 12 links. Each link will include a relevant icon and a persuasive headline prompting the viewer to click for more information. Each link when clicked will open in a new tab.

You can also have a custom second line of text.

If you would like a second line of text…

AFTER your headline text…

place your desired second line of text in parentheses like this…

Let’s say your desired headline is…

Follow Me on YouTube

and your second line of desired text is…

I stream LIVE daily at 10am Eastern!

In the Headline field you would enter…

Follow Me on YouTube (I stream LIVE daily at 10am Eastern!)

IMPORTANT: Double check ALL links to make sure they are working as desired before you enter them into the form.


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