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Please take your time when completing the form. The more information you provide, the better I can serve you. Keep in mind that most “web designers” never ask you these questions. Consider that as you review this questionaire. I want to deliver somethnig that looks awesome and converts very well.

To complete the form simply click in each box and then type your answer. When you encounter a drop down option, click to open the drop down and then click to choose your answer. When you encounter multiple answer boxes, click to place a checkmark in all that apply. Click the submit button when ready to submit the completed form.

How does the website REVIEW work?

That’s a great question!

To claim your free website review, simply complete the form and be sure to enter the URL (website address) for your business.

I will contact you to schedule a time for your review. There’s absolutely no obligation to purchase anything.

During the review I will go through a 25 point checklist to see where your site stands with today’s web design / performance standards.

Remember, I also have over 30 years experience in sales and marketing. I’m a top producer. I’ll share my knowledge with you during the review.

How does the MAKEOVER contest work?

I’m glad you asked!

1. I randomly select a site to receive a makeover.

2. I contact the winner (based upon the completed form) to let them know they have won and to discuss details etc.

3. I go to work designing something awesome!

4. I work closely with you to make sure you are very pleased with your new site design!

I run the makeovers different than a traditional makeover contest. My makeover contest doesn’t expire (unless I choose to no longer offer it.)

5. Submitting your site multiple times does NOT increase your odds of winning. You can however submit two sites into the contest using the form.

6. The free site makeover includes…

A single page design. It can be from a premade layout or a custom design from scratch.

Integration with Social Media profiles.

Up to three rounds of revisions.

Basic contact form.

One hour LIVE desktop remote meeting with you to go over how to use your site etc. I will show you how to make basic edits of your content and answer any questions etc.

What is required for me to have a website?

Excellent question!

1. I design using the Divi theme. You will need it in order for me to design your site. When you purchase it through my affiliate link I will give you a matching discount off my services.

2. You will need a good domain name. I’m really good at picking winning domain names. I once picked one that a guy later sold for just over one million dollars. Go here to get the scoop!

3. You will need web hosting. I prefer you use the host I use (simply because I am most familliar with their set up etc.) however, you can use any host you want as long as they allow installation of WordPress.

You are responsible for theme, hosting and domain fees. The theme is the best theme available for creative design. The low price if amazing for everything you get. I will show you where to go to get great pricing for a domain name and hosting.

What is the process for my site design?

It starts with you very carefully filling out the form. The more details you provide the better I can serve you. Also, the better your site will convert visitors into buyers.

Once I have recviewed your completed form I will call you to discuss your project. I wll ask all the right questions to make sure I have a very clear undersanding of what your desired outcome is. Remember, I want you to be very pleased with your design.

After your design has been completed and you are pleased with everything, I will do a one hour LIVE desktop remote meeting with you to go over how to use your site etc. I will show you how to make basic edits of your content and answer any questions etc.

How long does it typically take to design a site?

The biggest thing to slow down completion is waiting for the client to provide needed content such as images, audio, video, site copy etc. I can help you with these things if needed. The more organized you are and the faster you get everything to me that I need  from you, the faster I can complete your design.

I always strive to balance effective design with speed of completion. I will work hard to complete your project as soon as possible without sacrificing quality and integrity of the design.

Website Makeover

I want this website design because...

My clients come to me because...

My site demographic (age) is...

My site will be built to target (gender)

My site will be built to target (income)

My site will be built to target (education)

My site will be built to target (geography)

My new website will need to include...

Indicate which of the following YOU will provide...

Indicate which of the following you need ME to provide...

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