Graphic Design

Graphic Design

Looking for custom graphic design? I can help! I offer quality design that communicates your vision and message. Whatever you need, chances are high that I can handle the job for you.  With over 30 years experience, I’ve designed just about everything you can imagine. Watch the short video and have a look around to get a sense of what I can offer you. Before you overspend on custom graphic design, call me for a quote. I’m passionate about what I do and it shows in my work. I will deliver great design for less without you having to sacrifice on quality.


Website Graphics

I can help you with all aspects of custom graphic design for website projects.

Logo & Branding

Need a personal or business logo? I’ve got you covered. I do logo graphic design.

Social Media

I can help you with Social Media graphic design for Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

Virtual Covers

Need your online product images to match your physical product? I do virtual cover graphic design!

Branded Clothing

I have a dedicated site for branded clothing. I can help you with custom clothing designs!

Packaging & Label

I can handle your graphic design product packaging and label needs. The label increases sales of your product!

Flyers & Posters

Looking for a flyer or poster for an event or something else? I offer these graphic design services.

Banner Ads

My graphic design services include custom banners and anything else you need for online advertising.


I can make your branding pop with custom stationary! Look professional with custom graphic design.

Graphic Design Service

Any time you hear or see the phrase “Graphic Design Agency” you should be prepared to spend much more for whatever it is they are creating for you. The truth however is that many of these “agencies” are actually one man operations who simply throw the word agency in their name and then mark their prices way up.

You can pay more if you want but before you do I hope you will call me and at least give me a chance to give you a quote for your graphic design project. I will treat you fair and work hard to create exactly what you need, and do it for less than many others will.

Also remember this… unlike most graphic designers (who tend to only have a focused background in graphics) I have over 30 years expoerience as a top producer and income earner in sales and marketing. I bring much more to the table than just the ability to design and use Photoshop! When you hire me for graphic design you are also getting not only a creative eye for design but also the experience and knowledge that comes from knowing what works and what doesn’t in terms of sales and marketing. I offer the competitive edge!

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

How much will it cost?
It depends on what you need. A simple header for your YouTube channel for example won’t be as much as if you need a custom virtual cover to match your actual product packaging. My fees are fair and certainly better than what many charge for what I feel isn’t good design. Connect with me to discuss your needs and we can go from there.
How long will my project take to complete?
It depends on the size and scope of your project. I tend to work pretty fast but will never sacrifice speed for quality. I would rather it take just a bit longer and be done right.
What forms of payment do you accept?
I accept PayPal or direct deposit. You can save money by doing a direct deposit. I offer a discount when you pay using the direct deposit option because it saves the associated fees. Connect with me to get my account deposit details.
Can you match my existing branding?
Yes I can. Whether it’s color or overall style, I can handle pretty much whatever you need.
Do you subcontract any design work?
Never. I do all of the custom graphic design. I am the only person who will work on your design project from start to finish.
I offer CDs and DVDs can you help with graphics?
Absolutely! I’ve authored almost 200 CDs and DVDs. I do all of my own custom graphic design for both online virtual covers as well as the actual product packaging and they match perfectly! Here one of my designs…

I'm often asked by clients if there's a way they can show their appreciation to me for always being available to help empower them for real success. For those who wish to show me some love, here's a link to my Amazon wishlist. Thanks and know that every kind act is greatly appreciated and never forgotten.


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