The story is the sales pitch.

This is the Full Screen Slider Presentation layout. It’s a great way to present your product, program, service, business opportunity etc. in a clean minimal way. It also creates engagement with your site visitors. Click the arrows to the left and right to go back and forth between slides. Combining the right video and background image with a good message is the key.



A video background is really cool.

You can combine a background video with either a video or image. A nice background video can help sell your offer. You can strategically combine all of the above to greatly improve your conversion rate. When you purchase this layout design, I will work hard to find the perfect combination of images and videos to help sell your offer and present it in the best possible way.



A colorful background image rocks!

It draws the eye and commands attention. People are visual. This slide combines a great background image with a subtle semi transparent overlay which darkens the background a bit to allow the video and message to really pop without losing the punch of the background! Besides who doesn’t love KISS?



Contrast with a color pop!

This slide combines a black and white background image, a semi transparent overlay, and a colorful video which really pops. Notice how the background lends itself to the content of the video which helps to sell the video message.  Imagine how this can help present your message in very positive way.



A touch of color is always impactful.

This is the same background with a semi transparent, gradient, purple and black overlay. The eye is drawn to the horizon line. The text is easy to read without losing the pop! Also notice how the video ties in with everything. This slide is very stylish and super effective.



In your face brilliance is at work here.

This carefully chosen semi infinity background uses depth of field and focus to draw the eye toward the center where your message is located! Combined with the right niche video, this slide combination is a great example of how you can use this layout. You can also have a linked button to go anywhere you like. Click it to see MORE!

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Website Designs


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Website Designs


Website Designs

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