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Divi users each have different skillsets and levels of knowledge about how to use the Divi theme. I’ve been using Divi for many years and love it! Whether you’ve been using Divi for a long time or you are a newbie Divi user, there’s something for you here. Let’s connect and talk about Divi!


I’ve created some great Divi resources to help Divi users.

Are you just getting started with the Divi theme by Elegant Themes? If so, congrats on making a smart decision. But now what do you do with it? How do you use it? For many this is where a high level of frustration comes in. It’s like anything else that’s new to you. Divi takes time to learn. And because Divi offers so many options and settings etc., it’s not something you can quickly pick up over a weekend. If you need help with the Divi theme I am available to help you.


divi faq
Frequently asked questions about Divi and more…
How long have you been using Divi WordPress Theme by Elegant Themes?

I’ve been using the Divi theme for about 7 years as I write this.

How many websites have you built using the Divi theme?

I build all my sites and all client sites with Divi. I’ve built so many over the years that I’ve lost count!

What is your Divi knowledge level on a scale of 1 to 10?

I would say my level of skill using the Divi theme is a solid 9 out of 10. There’s always more to learn as the industry evolves and new features are released etc.

Are you available for Divi help?

Yes! While I don’t call myself a Divi expert as many like to do, I am very confident in all things Divi and am willing to help any Divi user who needs it.

Do you offer Divi training after you build a site for someone who needs it?

Yes. There are obviously many available Divi tutorials out there. And that’s great. I’ve learned a ton from this approach over the years. However, sometimes it’s just easier to have someone you can connect with one on one and jump into a Zoom meeting and learn how to do something. If I build a site for you using Divi I will absolutely stand behind it and help you make edits and changes as desired.

Have you tried other website builders besides Divi?

Yes. I started with hand coding HTML. Thank God those days are over! Since that time I’ve used many page builders. Page builders have come a long way.

What do you charge to build websites with Divi?

Check out the pricing page to get the scoop on pricing.

Do you sell Divi layouts?

Not currently no.  I do however have some Divi related resources I’ve created to help Divi as well as other page builder users.

Are you available to install Divi layouts and perform customization?

Yes! If there is a Divi layout you would like installed and customized I can do it for you. Just connect with me to discuss your project.

Are you available for custom graphics work?

Yes! I’ve been using Photoshop for many years and know my way around it. Just connect with me to discuss your project.

Do you do Divi site makeovers?

Yes! I can give your Divi site a makeover. Just connect with me to discuss your project.

What other Divi website related servies do you offer?

I offer full service Divi web design. I never outsource anything. Ad copy, voiceovers, video, layout design, SEO, installs, makeovers, custom builds etc. Pretty much whatever you need I can do it! Connect with me to discuss your project.

divi site clients

Some of the many I’ve built sites for using Divi.

Sergio / Sales

Britt did a phenomenal job building my custom site for my online business. He was always there to answer any questions or concerns and very professional. He made my website look like a work of Art. He has the ability to put together information, pictures and videos to make clients (after they review your site) want to do business with you. I am 100% satisfied with new website. I got way more than I expected. Thanks Britt my website truly looks AWESOME!

Chuck / Marketer

“Britt built me a great website. I am highly pleased with how everything turned out. It’s even better than I had imagined it would be. If you are in the market for a website, do not hesitate to give Britt a call.

Nate / Entrepreneur

To say my website looks AWESOME is an understatement! Britt came up with a creative design that greatly exceeded my expectations! He took the concept well beyond anything I could have imagined and he absolutely nailed it! Britt knows his stuff and it certainly shows. I am very pleased with everything. Britt was a real pro, and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I would certainly recommend his web design services! Hire Britt if you want it done right.

Carter / Entrepreneur

“Britt built me an incredible website! His attention to detail and going the extra mile is something that is very rare these days. Call Britt if you need a website. He’s your guy.”

divi experience

I’ve got lots of Divi experience and beyond.


I have over 32 years in the industry. I’m blessed to be one of the all time top producers and income earners in two top tier programs I helped write the comp plans for. I helped develop multiple well known marketing tools and systems. I authored 200+ training CDs/DVDs. I have sold millions in products, programs and services.


I have been working with WordPress for many years and am very familiar with everything I need to know with which to properly build websites on the platform. This experience can save you money and headaches when it comes to prevention, maintenance and updates etc.

Divi Theme

I have been using the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes to design sites since 2015. I am well versed in it and can confidently design anything you can imagine with it. This enables me to properly design your website from the start so that you avoid many typical issues down the road which often result from poor design from others who are inexperienced.



I have unique experience writing successful ad copy for many years which has enabled me to earn millions. Web design is much more than merely aesthetics. I can help you come up with the right copy to properly present your offer in the best way to help ensure your success. You simply can’t get this with most web designers. When it comes to ad copy they are totally lost!



Websites with video enjoy 80% more viewer engagement. I can help you with a script for your video and even record the video for you if desired. There are many creative ways to successfully use video across your website to help you get more sales and to build a huge following.


I have lots of experience doing voiceovers. Next to video, audio is critical in terms of conveying emotion, energy, excitement and much more. Tonality matters and I understand how to do it effectively!


I have been using Photoshop for so many years I lost count! I know my way around it pretty well and can design whatever you may need to ensure your website has everything it needs to present your offer and your brand in the best way.


I once picked a domain name for a client who later was able to sell it for north of a million dollars! I know a few things about how to pick a good domain. I have a 14 point check list I go by when picking a domain name. It’s critical and you must make sure it’s done right from the start.


I have tons of experience writing scripts, ad copy, emails, autoresponder campaigns, print ads, videos, audios and more. The techniques that I use work. Words sell. Good words sell really well. Most words don’t sell because they are the wrong words. I can help you find the right words.


Sales is an art. When done properly sales can be fun, exciting, and extremely lucrative. When done wrong sales can be frustrating, stressful, and very expensive. I can help you improve your offer and help you get more sales by tweaking everything in your sales funnel to where it needs to be.

  • WORDPRESS 98% 98%
  • DIVI THEME 98% 98%
  • VOICEOVERS 98% 98%
  • VIDEO 98% 98%
  • AD COPY 98% 98%
  • SEO 98% 98%

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