You can have a beautiful website that looks amazing, commands attention, and converts into paying customers. And you can have an experienced 30+ year successful marketer / designer build it for you. All for a small fraction of what you would otherwise pay someone who isn’t a marketer and doesn’t know the first thing about conversion and ad copy, who would throw something together that you won’t feel good about for very long after you realize it isn’t working. Discover the unbelievable offer I have for you on this page!


Would you like to get MORE, but spend LESS?

Watch the short video to discover carefully guarded secrets most web designers don’t want you to know, and why you have to be very careful when choosing someone to build a website for you.

There are lots of people with a shingle out claiming to be web designers. However, you must be very selective of whom you pick to build a website for you. Otherwise, you will pay far more than you should have and get far less than you could have had.


Learn Web Design

Web design is very complex. The learning curve is huge. It can take several years to become even a decent web designer. There is a lot to master to become a really good web designer. It’s not something you learn in a weekend. Your online website presence and brand are too important to take this approach.

Pay Someone Learning

You can roll the dice and try hiring someone to build your site, but chances are very high the person you hire barely knows how to use whatever web design software they have and can’t really serve you well. Their lack of experience can and will end up costing you. With this approach you will end up very frustrated.

Use Template Builder

Template builders should be avoided at all costs. The companies that promote them don’t want you to know they get the benefit of your SEO and traffic efforts since the site resides on their server and platform. This is good for them and not you. Stay far away from hosted template builder options.

Hire Agency

The big agency “team approach” means you will grossly overpay for your website. Chances are they will still use a simple, plain template to build it! Agencies are well known for over charging and churning out plain sites that quickly lose their sparkle and shine once the smoke clears and you realize what happened.

Hire Me!

EXPERIENCE matters and I’ve got tons of it in graphics, web design, sales, marketing, ad copy, voiceovers, video, online and offline marketing tools and systems, and MUCH more! I’ve sold millions online and can help you succeed.

Typically what happens when you hire someone to design your site, is you get someone with very little knowledge of marketing, sales or design. All they know is just enough to click their mouse a few times and spit out another template site which wasn’t designed properly to start with and won’t do you any favors. To them you are just another number who is giving them money. They want to get your site done and move on to the next person. You get little to no support if something breaks or you wish to update or make any changes etc. They didn’t look after your best interests when setting everything up and it can come back to bite you BIGTIME and cost lots of money to fix! At this point you either settle for a site you don’t really like, and that you know isn’t working well… or you do the smart thing which is to find someone like me who has both the design and marketing experience to build you the right site which presents your offer properly and is designed well from the start, and has everything in place to protect you and keep things simple for you to maintain while also giving you the option to easily grow as you choose.

Charylle / Networker

To anyone out there who is serious about making their business profitable, I highly recommend working with Britt. If you’ve spent any time or effort looking for expertise as well as integrity, you know how hard it is to find. And it is extremely rare to find everything you need in one person versus having to find and hire multiple people who each do different things which ends up costing10X more.

Britt has a unique flair for the art of the offer and what it takes to achieve high conversions. He has the ability to organize complex projects in a way that made it very easy for me to understand, follow, and share creative ideas. He’s well versed in content monetization and helped me come up with multiple ways to monetize content that I had not thought about.

Britt, you are the highest professional and I truly appreciate the time, dedication and talent you brought to this project. I know I will be thanking you for years to come. I look forward to working on other projects as they arise. God Bless you and I wish you the very best in everything you do.”

Now, I know what you’re thinking… “yeah, but Britt you’ve got over 30 years experience which means you’re probably expensive.” Listen, I’m about to share something with you that is going to get you super excited for some very good reasons.


I’ve been building websites for myself and others for many years which has enabled me to glean the critical knowledge of knowing what works and what doesn’t. I understand design. I understand marketing. I understand persuasion and sales psychology. These things matter a lot when it comes to web design. These are a few of many smart reasons you should hire me to build your website. I’ll do it right from the start.


I have over 32 years in the industry. I’m blessed to be one of the all time top producers and income earners in two top tier programs I helped write the comp plans for. I helped develop multiple well known marketing tools and systems. I authored 200+ training CDs/DVDs. I have sold millions in products, programs and services.


I have been working with WordPress for many years and am very familiar with everything I need to know with which to properly build websites on the platform. This experience can save you money and headaches when it comes to prevention, maintenance and updates etc.

Divi Theme

I have been using the Divi Theme by Elegant Themes to design sites since 2015. I am well versed in it and can confidently design anything you can imagine with it. This enables me to properly design your website from the start so that you avoid many typical issues down the road which often result from poor design from others who are inexperienced.



I have unique experience writing successful ad copy for many years which has enabled me to earn millions. Web design is much more than merely aesthetics. I can help you come up with the right copy to properly present your offer in the best way to help ensure your success. You simply can’t get this with most web designers. When it comes to ad copy they are totally lost!



Websites with video enjoy 80% more viewer engagement. I can help you with a script for your video and even record the video for you if desired. There are many creative ways to successfully use video across your website to help you get more sales and to build a huge following.


I have lots of experience doing voiceovers. Next to video, audio is critical in terms of conveying emotion, energy, excitement and much more. Tonality matters and I understand how to do it effectively!


I have been using Photoshop for so many years I lost count! I know my way around it pretty well and can design whatever you may need to ensure your website has everything it needs to present your offer and your brand in the best way.


I once picked a domain name for a client who later was able to sell it for north of a million dollars! I know a few things about how to pick a good domain. I have a 14 point check list I go by when picking a domain name. It’s critical and you must make sure it’s done right from the start.


I have tons of experience writing scripts, ad copy, emails, autoresponder campaigns, print ads, videos, audios and more. The techniques that I use work. Words sell. Good words sell really well. Most words don’t sell because they are the wrong words. I can help you find the right words.


Sales is an art. When done properly sales can be fun, exciting, and extremely lucrative. When done wrong sales can be frustrating, stressful, and very expensive. I can help you improve your offer and help you get more sales by tweaking everything in your sales funnel to where it needs to be.

Obviously I am very experienced and you are in good hands. Now imagine having a website, complete with all the pages you could ever need and some more you didn’t even realize you needed but that are really important to helping you make more money. Also imagine being able to get these pages customized and your new website up and running in a very small fraction of the time and cost that you would normally incur.

The only source of knowledge is experience.” – Albert Einstein


So, here’s how I came up with what I call my “Bundle Package” and why you want it now.

I came up with a master list of the web pages I know every website should have based on my own successful sites as well as those clients who have raved about their success with what I built for them. I realized there are consistent patterns between them and it got me thinking. So, I created several web pages with the idea of using them as a starting point to save my web design clients time and money. You see, one of the issues that comes with web design is the time it takes to go from concept to completed design. This is especially true when the client really isn’t sure where to begin in terms of layout, theme, structure, organization, presentation etc. The better the site the longer it typically takes to build it, and the more it costs. And this is why you are going to absolutely love what I came up with! You are about to get a website that was months in development and ordinarily would cost you north of $20,000 but for a small fraction of the price and the time for it to go LIVE.


Here’s a breakdown of everything you get and a description of why you need it.


404 Page

The 404 page appears when someone has a typo in your web address or follows a bad link. Instead of seeing a white error page with no options, your 404 page turns what otherwise could be a frustrating experience into a good one by giving your visitors a professional page which contains a button that links them to the main entrance of your site. This page includes a custom headline, sub-headline, as well as imagery and a message which can be edited to say anything you want.

About Page

This page is all about you. It has a nice full screen header image, a headline, sub-headline, testimonials (video, audio, text) your photo, your bio text, and a call to action button. This page is important because people want to know more about you. This is where you include all the things to help people to better understand who you are and why they should do business with you.

Affiliate Page NEW!

This page helps you to get more affiliate sales! It contains the advanced SEO elements and components the search engines are looking for, to rank your page higher. This is crucial, especially when it comes to “sponsor shoppers” who use search engines to shop for a sweeter deal when looking to purchase!

Bonuses Page

If you are offering any type of opportunity, affiliate offer, or anything where you can sweeten the deal, this is where you do it! This page contains a nice creative gradient blend of your image and a gift box depicting great value. Many people do what is referred to as “sponsor shopping”. This means they go to Google and search for people selling the offer they have interest in. Often it comes down to who has the better perceived offer that gets the sale. This page helps ensure that person is you! This page also includes a sub-headline, a video which can be you, your offer webinar etc., a breakdown of the offer options, and your bonuses of course. If you need help deciding what to offer as bonuses I can help you with it.

Coming Soon Page

Your website always starts with the initial buzz created while it’s being built! You get a stunningly beautiful page which is set to display while I am building your site and doing everything behind the scenes to get it ready to go LIVE. It has an awesome video background, overlay image, text headline, and can also include an opt-in / notification email form for those who wish to be notified when your site is LIVE. This is a very nice professional touch that tells people you know what you’re doing and gets them curious to see the big website launch.

Contact Page

This page contains a cool header image which of course can be changed to whatever you like, along with your contact info, plus a custom email form including fields for time zone, item interest, and a nice full width live Google map of your area which can display wherever you like.

Disclaimer Page

This page is where you display your disclaimer. This of course can protect you and should always be part of your site.

FAQ Page

This page contains your frequently asked questions and answers! This is an absolute must have. It will save you tons of repetitive, time stealing 21 question scenarios! Taking the time to include all the questions and answers you typically get is one of the smartest things you can do for your website. We can brainstorm your FAQ together to help you come up with several great questions and answers.


The footer appears at the bottom of most of your web pages. It contains a beautiful background image, your contact number, contact form, newsletter opt-in form, linked social media icons, copyright details with auto changing year, links to your Disclaimer, Terms, Privacy pages etc. It also includes a super cool reveal effect which makes it appear on scroll as your site visitor is scrolling down the page. This feature can be turned on or off depending on your wish.

Free Stuff Page

Everybody loves FREE stuff! You can use this to your advantage. This page includes a headline, nice parallax header image with scroll animation image effect which can be switched out to anything you like, as well as space to include whatever you want to give away. It could be pdf reports with embedded affiliate links, audio or video etc. This page allows you a great opportunity to do some super effect marketing very easily.

Go Between Page

This page concept is one I started using way back many years ago. I came up with the idea to help keep my lists cleaner and to cut way down on the number of people putting bogus info into the opt-in form. The way it works is simple yet very powerful. Some would say ingenious. : )

The page contains a compelling headline, sub-headline, progress bar, instructions to make sure they entered their correct information into the form, a video, slider containing relevant quotes to encourage follow through, and visually stimulating persuasive images.

The psychology on this page works like magic because it goes in the opposite direction of most marketers who haven’t yet figured out they are paying for every email on their lists not just the deliverable ones. This proven method encourages the person to give you their correct info in order to gain access to something you offer of perceived value. So, if their intention was to put bogus info to bypass the form.. they soon discover it isn’t gonna work! This immediately flips a switch in their mind and they start thiking about FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) and they want access to the incentive. There are other strong reasons also but you get the idea.


The header appears at the top of most of your pages. The header is always on top of the page content. It includes a custom message, linked social media icons, your contact number, and of course your site navigation menu.

Landing Page

This page contains your main offer. It starts with a full screen custom image background with a black and white to color hover animation, a custom navigation button to continue down the page, a headline, sub-headline, video (which can be a webinar, you etc.) a call to action button, testimonials, and can also be tweaked to include any additional information you would like about your offer.

Lead Capture Page

This is a very important page. It’s the first impression your site makes excluding organic search traffic that hits other pages within your site. It includes a custom attention compelling headline and sub-headline, video, opt-in form, incentive teaser to get a free special report, and a slider displaying on point relevant quotes designed to condition the page visitor to take action. This page converts VERY well.

Lifestyle Page

This page is where you provide proof of lifestyle. This is especially important if your offer includes any type of opportunity. It contains a really nice parallax header section, headline, sub-headline, my signature full width video, a section description, blurbs each depicting gratitude, home, wheels, toys, giving, (to give you some ideas) and a closing title. You can do lots of things with this page. It will serve you well if you will take the time to add to it. I can help you with some ideas of how to still use it even if you aren’t in a position at the moment to show much in terms of lifestyle.


This page is all about your LIVE stream! It includes high energy design with an image, social media streaming source linked icons, a video which can be your stream trailer or even an embed of your LIVE stream so people can watch it right from your LIVE page! If you have a scheduled stream with set hours it can be displayed as well. This page also includes a super cool parallax section with a nice video frame overlay offering a very persuasive subliminal suggestion to tune in to your LIVE!

Local SEO Page

This page is optimized for your local area. It contains lots of coded references to your city and surrounding cities. A nice parallax image of your local area is displayed, a video, personal quote text from you, supporting SEO text to attract the search engines, visual persuasive imagery with a nice hover animation effect to suggest like-minded page viewers contact you to connect. Another parallax image section, a custom video testimonial from me to help give you some edification, a contact form with a nice parallax effect, and a live Google map of your location. This page can help you connect with local networkers or people with shared interests in your offer.

Order Page

This page includes an FAQ section (saves you a TON of 21 question scenarios), a video, call to action button, and a product image. It’s very handy for several reasons. The two biggest ones are ease of use for those already on your site when they are ready to order. It’s also very convenient for you when you’re speaking with someone on the phone or via email to simply send them directly to your order page.

Order Thank You Page

This page includes a personal message from you, a video, a nice visually pleasing, warm image, and the opportunity to provide additional post order instructions to customers, links etc. It’s a very professional touch that can help you get more business.

Podcast Page

This pages makes it super easy to host your own podcast recordings! It comes with a beautiful video background header with your podcast name, sub-headline, “about host” section, testimonials section, a very unique way of displaying each podcast episode in its own parallax background section which can be switched out to reflect your episode title or theme. Includes an episode overview, photo for host and guest and of course the audio player for the episode. This page can be used in lots of creative ways to yield great results. It also includes a nice call to action section to attract opt-ins to be alerted when you add a new episode.

Privacy Page

This page is where you display your privacy policy. This of course can protect you and should always be part of your site.

Resources Page

This page is where you provide links to resources. Ideally you would add your affiliate links to the tools and resources you use and/or like etc. It includes a headline, description, video, and 20 resources to get your started! You can keep those or I can add your own custom ones. This page makes it super easy to share your affiliate links without having to constantly dig and search for the right link etc. This pages contains them all in one convenient spot. It’s also a great link to put in your social media bio.

Services Page

This page is where you list your services. You know, the stuff you want people to pay you for. It includes a title, headline, blurbs to describe each service, a video, sub-headline, number counters to display fun facts, images, why section, your latest work section,  a skills section, testimonials section, and a closing call to action to connect with you. You can do a lot with this page.

Share Page

This page makes it easy and super convenient for your site viewers to share your site with their social media platforms! It includes a headline, sub-headline, share icons, and an image. What’s unique and very smart about this page is the fact that when each social media platform icon is clicked, it opens in a new window allowing your site visitor to share your site while they are still on your site.

Social Media Page

This page contains linked icons to each of your social media sites, a screen shot of each of your social media accounts, a description of each of your channels, and a sub-headline. You can add anything you like to this page to help encourage people to follow you on social media! 

Special Report Page

This page is where people who opt-in to your list from your lead capture page will be sent once they click the verification link in their email after entering their info into your opt-in form. This page contains a custom parallax header section based upon the title of your special report, a headline, sub-headline, video, and a call to action button and image. This is a very powerful page because it gives you the valuable opportunity to make a really strong impression immediately with each new list subscriber by giving them solid content. This is how you get people to know, like, and trust you… and then BUY from you.

Subscribe Page

This page is where you tease, inspire, and/or motivate visitors to subscribe to your list. Not everyone will come in to your site from the main lead capture page. Many will come to your site as the direct result of a search engine. Having this page is a very smart move because it will help you get more subscribers and build your list MUCH faster. This page incudes a headline, video, opt-in form, image, and it redirected to your “Go Between Page” to ensure they enter the correct valid information in order to gain access to your “Subscribers Only Page”.

Subscribe Thanks Prospect Page

This page is where people who opt-in to your list are taken. It contains a custom welcome message with instructions to click the verification link in their email to complete list subscription. It also contains a video and a visually pleasing persuasive image.

Subscribe Thanks Team

This page is where team members who opt-in to your list are taken. It contains a custom welcome message with instructions to click the verification link in their email to be added to your team list. It also contains a video and a visually pleasing persuasive image that suggests teamwork.

Terms Page

This page is where you display your terms policy. This of course can protect you and should always be part of your site.

Subscribers Only Page

This page is where only those who successfully subscribe to your list can access. It contains an instructional headline that tells the person they need to be subscribed to your list in order to receive the a password to unlock the locked content section. All you need to do is add the password to the confirmation email that is sent to everyone who completes their opt-in and it automates the process for you. You never have to manually send or tell anyone the password. This locked content section contains text and a video and can of course include just about any content you would like.

Testimonial Request Page

This page makes it really easy for you to ask for testimonials. All you do is send a short note and a link to this page. The page includes a headline, quote, video, how to send you a good testimonial, what kind of testimonial you are looking for, examples of each (video, audio, text) how to send their video, photo, audio file. Also included is a button linked to your Dropbox share folder and a contact form to send text. And finally an FAQ section.

Testimonials Page

This page displays your testimonials. It contains a headline, options for video, audio, slider text, and individual photo testimonials. This is a great way to encourage trust with your site visitors when they see others have said good things about you. It also helps you to easily organize.

Training Page

This is one of the most important pages on your entire website. It is where you will send everyone who joins your opportunity or buys your product, program, service, etc.

If your offer is an opportunity, this page will especially come in very handy. It includes a welcome to the team section with a headline and sub-headline, an intro video, linked buttons to all page sections, login button linked to their company back office, tons of resources including over 33 hours of inspirational content, over 25 profit streams for you built in, scripts, FAQ section, contact form, opt-in form for team training list, special offers and much more! This page alone took me a loooooong time to build.

What’s great about this page is that you can easily add your own content to it to give it even more value. When you see this page you will be absolutely blown away at the content and the layout.

If your offer is not opportunity related, we can still make it work by tweaking it a bit.

Undecided Page

This page concept was created by me many years ago. I was using it years before I noticed a few copycats also smartening up! The psychology of this page is what makes it so powerful. By the mere fact that a prospect is on your site and they click a button that reads “CLICK HERE ONLY IF FOR SOME STRANGE REASON YOU HAVE DECIDED NOT TO GET STARTED TODAY” screams one thing… there is still a chance you can salvage the sale! Otherwise why would they have clicked?

This page has tons of VERY powerful psychological triggers deployed via text, videos, persuasive images, YES reinforcements, and so much more! It is highly likely that if a person clicks and reviews this page they will be converted from no to YES!

Viral Page

This page contains viral videos and encouragement to share it with others to drive traffic to your site!

Viral traffic can be incredible. Many have enjoyed literally thousands, tens of thousands or more visitors to a single video when it goes viral. This page helps you to easily ride the wave by adding videos that are already proven to be very popular.

What kinds of videos work best? Well, let me put it this way… when we look at your site together and you see one of the videos on this page, I promise you two things…

1. You won’t believe your eyes.

2. You will be amazed and glad you got this page!

 This page is a great method of getting repeat site traffic from your lists, social media etc.

Web Design Referral Capture Page

This page contains a powerful pitch for web design services. It encourages people to enter their contact details into the contact form.

The contact form is coded with your name and PayPal address. I contact them to dicuss their needs. Every person that purchases any web design package earns you a referral fee!

This coded page is normally a separate $100 fee. However, it is included in this bundle package.

Webinar VOD Page

This page is where you can add your webinars/video on demand content. It can be free or monetized by having each video section locked and requiring a password. Since you own the site and the content, you can charge whatever you want and keep 100% of the sales you make to view your content!

It includes a headline, image, sub-headline description, intro video, and multiple content sections which of course can include as many as you like.

This page also addresses and calls out the lying deceptive marketers who use webinar software to trick and deceive people into believing there are lots of people watching a LIVE webinar at the same time they are and the chat is LIVE etc. By doing so it instantly gives you credibility by not supporting this dishonest behavior.

This page can be a great profir stream and used in many effective ways.

Here’s a peak at the pages. This will give you an idea of the layout and structure.

Keep in mind there is lots of flexibility available to you.

Having happy clients makes me happy!

Sergio / Sales

Britt did a phenomenal job building my custom site for my online business. He was always there to answer any questions or concerns and very professional. He made my website look like a work of Art. He has the ability to put together information, pictures and videos to make clients (after they review your site) want to do business with you. I am 100% satisfied with new website. I got way more than I expected. Thanks Britt my website truly looks AWESOME!

Chuck / Marketer

“Britt built me a great website. I am highly pleased with how everything turned out. It’s even better than I had imagined it would be. If you are in the market for a website, do not hesitate to give Britt a call.

Nate / Entrepreneur

To say my website looks AWESOME is an understatement! Britt came up with a creative design that greatly exceeded my expectations! He took the concept well beyond anything I could have imagined and he absolutely nailed it! Britt knows his stuff and it certainly shows. I am very pleased with everything. Britt was a real pro, and a pleasure to work with from start to finish. I would certainly recommend his web design services! Hire Britt if you want it done right.

Carter / Entrepreneur

“Britt built me an incredible website! His attention to detail and going the extra mile is something that is very rare these days. Call Britt if you need a website. He’s your guy.”

Frequently Asked Questions and wrap up…

What exactly am I getting in this package?

You are getting a 38 page website, complete with each of the pages outlined above.

How can this bundle save me time?

That’s a great question! A HUGE part of any web design project is figuring out things like structure, organization, layout, flow, expansion, color, branding, functionality, navigation, usability, compatibility, integration, security, growth, scale, etc. I’ve already got all of this and much more covered for you so you don’t have to worry about it! You get to skip past all of it and simply focus on things to personalize your site and make it yours while still maintaining the integrity of the design.

How much modification can be done to each page?

Images, audio, video, colors etc. There is a lot of flexibility. I will work closely with you to make sure you are happy with each page design.

What if I need additional pages?

If you need additional pages we can certainly discuss your needs and accomodate you.

Can you handle the audio / video if needed?

Yes I am available to do voiceover and or video work.

How will my site look on different devices?

It will look awesome! The site includes responsive design, which means it adjusts to display on all devices.

Why should I choose this package instead of somebody else offering a template design?

There are many people who will take your money and give you a very simple template design website. With them you can’t change anything. You are stuck with the template exactly the way it is. There is no flexibility to make it your own or to better relfect your brand etc. And because of this you end up very frustrated and feeling like you’ve got a website that doesn’t look the way you really want it to look, and there isn’t really anythng you can do about it.

That is not the case with me. You have lots of flexibility to tweak each page. I am also flexible in terms of accomodating special needs during the design and set up process.

How exactly will we collaborate on each final page design?

We will initially connect to discuss everything I need from you in order to personalize / brand your site.

I will go to work for you installing and tweaking each page to include the things required to make it yours.

Depending on what I need from you and the time frame in which you send it to me, I will make the nesscesary tweaks to include everything in your site design.

We will do a Zoom meeting, during which time we will look together in real time at each of the pages making any tweaks and adjustments as required. If they are small simple changes I will do them on the fly. If they require more time I may schedule another meeting to go over those changes with you after they have been completed. Typically this process goes pretty fast.

How long before my website is LIVE?

Because most of the time consuming design work has already been done, it simply depends on how fast you can get what I need from you, to me so that I can make the necessary tweaks. Completion time can vary but typically I would say within a week, often much sooner. Just remember, the faster you get the things I need from you, the faster I can get everything tweaked and your site will go LIVE!

How will I know where all the site pages are?

I will also include a sitemap. A site map is a convenient page containing links to all of your pages. You can simply bookmark this page and you will always have a quick handy reference to all of the pages.

What will I need to make this website happen?

You will need a good domain name.

You will need web hosting.

You will need an autoresponder to handle your email list functionality.

You will need a video sharing platform to handle embedding of site videos.

I will do a Zoom meeting with you and show you where to go to get these things. I will also handle all of the technical stuff on the back end to set up everything, connect it to your website etc.

What happens when I want to scale up?

You can of course scale up anytime you like. Adding additional pages to your site is certainly easy to do. Just conenct with me to discuss the scope of your project.

What if I want to make small changes myself?

You can if you are comfortable doing so and knowledgeable in terms of working with the design theme and WordPress. Of course I can make them for you as well, but it’s up to you.

What if I need a page added that isn't part of the package?

I can of course create anything you can imagine. It depends on the scope of what you want, but in most cases it shouldn’t be an issue. Just be sure to bring it up when we connect.

How much is the package?

The price of the package is a very small fraction of what you would expect to pay. Especially when you consider everything you are going to get. Once we connect to talk about your project I can give you a quote based upon whether or not you require things that are outside the scope of this package. I believe you will be pleased with the price and agree you are receiving tremendous value. My number one priority is you! I want you to be very pleased with your website and our experience together.

So, how much would you expect to pay to get 38 custom designed web pages built for you?

How long do you think it would take a designer to build out 38 pages from scratch?

Relax, it won’t cost anywhere near what you would expect to pay for everything you are going to get with this “Bundle” package. It will also be completed in a very small fraction of the time you would otherwise have to wait. This your hookup!


So, it’s decision time. I hope we get the opportunity to work together on your project. I promise I will do everything within my power to make sure you have a beautiful, functional, responsive website that you are confident of and proud to share with others.

I reserve the right to take this offer down at any time. At some point I will. So the time to act, is NOW. Let’s make you an AWESOME website!