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I will write a custom autoresponder email campaign series that converts.

A well written autoresponder email campaign series can very consistently convert prospects into eager buyers and deliver them to you… on autopilot!


Here’s why a well written email autoresponder campaign matters.


Save time by leveraging the full power of automation to accelerate your business growth consistently.


Gain tons of confidence by knowing you’ve got a well written, high conversion campaign in place working for you non stop.


A well written autoresponder campaign is worth many times over its cost in ROI. You pay once and get the benefit forever!


Easily stay engaged with prospects during the pre-selling phase while automatically persuading them to take decisive action.


A well written campaign delivers eager buyers who are ready NOW! This saves you time and frees you up to enjoy life the way it is meant to be.

email done right, works.
A well written autoresponder campaign automates your sales funnel.
automated autoresponder

I’d rather walk alone then walk with a crowd in the wrong direction.

If you’ve been around even for a little while, you’ve heard… the money is in the list.” Well, that’s partially true. The money is in the list but only… when the critical factors are present. But don’t worry, I’ve got you. I’ll take good care of you with a custom email autoresponder campaign that includes each of the persuasive elements that persuade people to take ACTION now!

It’s easy for you to get what you now want.

You will get a two year custom written email autoresponder campaign that includes:
  • 48 total emails for delivery at 10 day intervals in year one. Plus another 12 more for delivery at 30 day intervals in year two.
  • Email subject line to encourage high open rate.
  • Effective headline inside email designed to command attention and encourage careful review.
  • Relevant image connecting the copy and emotion together to encourage the reader to take action now.
  • Highly persuasive body copy written to motivate the reader to take action now.
  • Call to action to inspire the reader to take action now.

WARNING: Ignoring the elements of proven email marketing campaigns may lead to sleepless nights, anxiety, and stressful bouts of depression. Conversely, taking decisive action now may lead to peaceful nights of blissful sleep, followed by energetic confident awakenings of exhilaration, followed by joyful days filled with abundance and prosperity.

email campaign faq
Custom autoresponder email campaign frequently asked questions.
Why do I need a custom email autoresponder campaign?

A well written custom email autoresponder campaign helps you presell prospects while at the same time allowing you to leverage technology and automation to automate the process 24/7.

Why is this better than using the campaign that comes with the opportunity I am currently in?

Excellent question! A well written email marketing campaign requires a person who is skilled at writing persuasive copy. Chances are extremely high that the person who wrote the generic email campaign you currently have isn’t a skilled copywriter. They quickly threw a few emails together and hoped for the best. Unfortunately, that’s not even remotely good enough and frankly it’s an insult. You deserve much better. And you can have something much better now.

The program I'm in doesn't allow me to change the website or email campaign. Am I stuck with it?

Only if you choose to settle for less than average and don’t care anything about conversion and sales! In other words, no! The good news is you can have a well written email autoresponder campaign and well designed lead capture page, and even a high conversion website if you choose. And you can also have real results now! I could paint a house with a toothbrush, but I would rather hire someone to paint it for me who is skilled and knows what they are doing. It’s less messy, requires none of my time, and ensures I will enjoy far superior results!

Can you help me with a lead capture page?

Yes! I provide full A – Z web design services. I do everything in house and never outsource. I provide top quality services at a fair price. I bring a lot to the table, including over 32 years industry experience.

Why is the campaign two years long?

Somewhere along the way someone (who obviously has no real marketing experience) decided it would be a good idea to have a 14 day email marketing campaign. Then someone else saw that and thought “this must be what works, I’ll copy it.” It’s a terrible approach. And the logic behind it is pure insanity! I’ve had people say to me “if they don’t sign up / join / buy in 14 days they’re not going to.” Again, this is terrible logic. Timing is a critical factor when making any buying decision. A person who isn’t ready to buy today may be in a much different position financially and / or psychologically in a month or even six months, etc. To embrace the 14 day email campaign is saying ” if you can’t get it together and buy my offer in the next 14 days then forget you. Next!” That’s simply a great example of ignorance in action. I’ve had so many wonderful conversations with prospects who ultimately became buyers who simply needed more time to either pull the funds together or overcome one thing or another life had thrown in their path. Life sometimes gets in the way of the things we plan to do. It happens!

Having a two year email campaign that is strategically written with this in mind, doesn’t ignore it. Instead it embraces it and uses it to its advantage. While simultaneously tapping into the psychology of persuasion over time. This is extremely powerful. It’s why it works. The number of messages and interval of distribution were both carefully chosen because they work synergistically together to deliver consistent results.

I’ve sold millions of dollars worth of products, programs, services and all kinds of stuff! Over the years I have spoken with tons of people who thanked me for staying in touch. Again, just because they don’t act today, doesn’t mean they won’t buy when the timing is better. If your campaign is 14 days they won’t ever buy unless timing is perfect. Good luck with that approach if it’s what you settle for. But why should you settle when you can now have what you want, and enjoy phenomenal results?


I don't know the first thing about setting up the campaign after you write it. Can you do it for me?

Yes! I will install the autoresponder campaign for you on whatever platform you have. I prefer the Aweber platform. For many reasons it’s a much smarter way to go. Remind me when you connect with me and secure your custom autoresponder campaign and I will walk you through how to quickly set up an account etc. Don’t do it ahead of time. I can make it much easier for you and me when we do it together.

What is your process?

After you have hired me to write a custom email autoresponder campaign for you, I will review your provided website. I will become familiar with your offer and put together the foundation and layout of your campaign based on a time proven set of criteria I’ve developed over the years. Next I will call you to discuss your offer, your needs, objectives, goals etc. I will ask you specific questions each designed to help me deliver the best campaign to help achieve your desired goal. I will also review your current sales funnel components as well as your lead capture page, primary offer etc. It all matters and should be done the right way to help ensure the best result. I will make recommendations based on my experience and findings while reviewing everything.

How much is a custom email autoresponder campaign?

The real question should be what’s it worth to you to have a well written, powerfully persuasive custom email marketing campaign that inspires, teases, motivates, and encourages every reader to take action now?

There’s a reason copyrighters command as much as $2,000 per email. It’s true. The average is $100 to $2,000 per email. Let that sink in for a moment. But don’t worry, put your eyeballs back in! You won’t pay anything close to that! I’m here to help you, not take all your money. Besides, who in their right mind would pay $2,000 per email? Well, actually lots of people! And frankly, when considering the ROI it’s worth it.

Clearly you can’t put a price on something like that. But, I had to come up with a number and I did. I came up with a number based on the overall messages, time, skill and experience brought to the table. There are a total of 48 messages. But don’t worry, you won’t pay $96,000. You won’t pay $48,000. You won’t pay $24,000, $12,000, $6,000 or even $4,800 like you may be thinking.

The low end of the scale is $100 per message. And as I said even that would be an awesome and very fair price to pay for someone who possesses the same experience as I do. My flat rate is only $2,500. which breaks down to only $52. per message. It’s fair and won’t break the bank. It still allows me enough room to deliver a quality campaign at a fair price while still managing to make a few bucks for all my hard work!

secure your custom autoresponder campaign!

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Happy clients make me happy!

Charylle / Networker

To anyone out there who is serious about making their business profitable, I highly recommend working with Britt. If you’ve spent any time or effort looking for expertise as well as integrity, you know how hard it is to find. And it is extremely rare to find everything you need in one person versus having to find and hire multiple people who each do different things which ends up costing10X more.

Britt has a unique flair for the art of the offer and what it takes to achieve high conversions. He has the ability to organize complex projects in a way that made it very easy for me to understand, follow, and share creative ideas. He’s well versed in content monetization and helped me come up with multiple ways to monetize content that I had not thought about.

Britt, you are the highest professional and I truly appreciate the time, dedication and talent you brought to this project. I know I will be thanking you for years to come. I look forward to working on other projects as they arise. God Bless you and I wish you the very best in everything you do.”

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Autoresponder Campaign FACTS

  • It never calls in sick.
  • It never asks for a raise.
  • It works 24/7 on auto pilot.
  • It automates preselling.
  • It helps you make more money.